Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm Pregnant!

Matt and I were planning on having children soon, kind of. I had always heard that once you go off the pill, it can take up to a year to get pregnant, and that it will usually take at least several months. We decided to stop preventing in January, hoping to get pregnant by summer. I guess God and my body had other plans.

My first clue was one night when I was making dinner. I was browning hamburger meat and kept telling Matt that it smelled really funny. He made a joke that I must be pregnant, so I started questioning it. I went and bought tests that night, but really wanted to wait until morning to take it. I couldn't sleep at all and ended up getting up at 5 because I was so anxious. I completely did not expect to see two lines. I cried. I screamed. And mostly, I didn't believe it.

Those area some dark positive lines.

I immediately called my doctor. I had no idea they don't need to see you until you're 8 weeks. I hated the wait; it was awful. I was so afraid the ultrasound would tell me that was never a baby, that it was somehow a false positive. It was very much the opposite. We saw our little baby and heard its heartbeat. I still wonder every day if he (I keep thinking it's a boy) is okay in there.

I know the whole "chalkboard update" is way overused, but I really like it.
And this picture mostly just freaks me out.  It was taken when I was just under 9 weeks.  I'm not supposed to already be showing, am I?

I guess that's my story on how we found out and the first few weeks.  I was told we would find out at 18 weeks what the sex is.  I think, if anything, this will definitely teach me to be patient.  I know people say it goes by so fast, and I know it will once we're to the next stage, but it's hard waiting each week or each month until I see the doctor.  It's difficult not knowing what's going on in there, but I guess that's where faith has to come in to play.  I have to assume the little baby growing inside me is okay.

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